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What Our Clients Say

How much fun is it to work with Meridian? We’ll let our clients tell you!

They built our home with a craftsman’s eye and the highest attention to detail.
– Tim B.

We loved the fantastic architectural design and fine interior detail, at no extra cost.
– Eric & Esta K.

There were no financial surprises; we knew we were always in control.
– Paul & Hilary L.

We really enjoyed the whole process from start to finish; we can’t put into one sentence how great it was!
– Kim D.

We love our home and we have all of you to thank for it.
– Paula and Anthony I.

Thank you for this beautiful home. We love it.
– Beverly P.

The Meridian team are truly experts in the custom home design-and-build process.
– John M.

The experience was great.
– Linda P.

I knew my home would be customized but it was nice to see Meridian’s commitment to quality and detail in the inventory of homes.
- Robert G

Things have just been great! Our dream house is exactly what we wanted
- Ken B

Meridian was eager to help the whole time my house was being built – and after. They were upfront with pricing and there were no surprises.
- John M

What made my experience most enjoyable was knowing that I was an important customer for Meridian. I would recommend Meridian to all my friends and family.
- Linda P

Our experience building with Meridian is everything we’d hoped it would be. And for that reason, we felt comfortable building with you again.
- Ken B

It has been a blast working with Meridian. Thank you for all your hard work and time put into this project.
- Theresa M. S. And Family

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